Public speaking has often been referred to as being more scary than death. Yet speaking is one of the most powerful ways to get your message out to many and attract more of your ideal prospective clients. Listen to my interview with Davide Di Giorgio and find out “the right way” to do it.


Dylis: Hi there, this is Dylis Guyan from, international sales marketing leader, coach and speaker. But of course you don’t have to be international to work with me. And I am really excited today to introduce my guest to you and in fact, just give me one second, there we are. Davide di Giorgio, I mean what a fabulous name is that and he is as fabulous as that name.

He’s a long-time theatre producer, creator, educator and audacious entrepreneur.  And his rich experiences has positioned him as the go to creative expert for speakers and entrepreneurs who leverage weaken in their business. And Davide takes an unapologetic creative approach that shatters the mould of following those usual blue prints, you know the usual formulas and systems and instead he uses you as the blueprint to create real success. Your vision, your mission and your passion as the foundation for world class, word changing signature experiences that convert audiences into raving fans, revenue and repeat speaking engagements and make you unforgettable. And so I’m absolutely delighted. Hi Davide, I’m thrilled that you joined me today.

Davide: Thank you Dylis.

Dylis: Especially with your wealth of experience and not just in helping people be speakers but that really rich past experience that you’ve had that you can drew on and really make what you do stand out and be very special for speakers.

So we talk about speak to sell. Could you just explain that to us and expand on what you mean there.

Davide: Yeah, so speak to sell you know, it’s unfortunate that it almost has the wrong name and so because the problem when we say the word sell is a lot of people have blocks about selling things.

And so I really try to encourage people to instead is replace the word sell with attract for intrigue or speak to add value but speaking to attract is much more, it’s much more rooted in allowing you to be able to just be you. And not to have to know the business model or the selling blueprint of someone else’s right. Because the fact of the matter is we are master and rollers, actually my latest favourite way to say this is speak to enrol.

Dylis: Right, okay.

Davide: And here’s the trick, we’re not trying to enrol anybody in our own vision. Technically what we’re doing and what makes sales so simple to speak to enrol, it’s speak to enrol people in their own vision. Help them to realize that they want something so big and that they can’t do it alone.  Because we can’t, we have to do it together so when you’re now speaking to enrol people in their vision and your vision may be in alignment with their vision and when that happens, well you have the stampede.

Dylis: Yeah.

David:   of people who can’t wait to work with you and can’t wait more importantly to tell the world about you and to tell others about you. And that’s what it really is all about. You have one shot when you speak. You’re either going to try to sell something or you’re going to enrol the audience into your vision and that’s where you start to create a movement.

Dylis: Yeah. so it’s about attraction really

Davide: Absolutely, absolutely. Attraction or repulsion and I feel that the two things that you know because there’s no attraction without repulsion and so people are either going to love what you have to say or they’re not. Now the beauty what I love to empower speakers and entrepreneurs with is this. If you don’t give an audience, an audience can be a singular person you’re talking to or ten thousand in a stadium. If you don’t give an audience a reason to reject you, you don’t give them a reason for them to accept you.

Dylis: Yeah.

Davide: And so what do you really want to say is a question I like to ask a lot. You know I hear these perfectly crafted chunks of talks and pitches and sales conversations and I’m like what do you really want to say?

Because when I ask that question and they start to get more passionate and if I could I would really say this. And then I ask well why aren’t you saying that? Because that causes an emotional reaction, what you really want to say and that reaction sometimes you’re going to be, get their back up and say well what is that?  What do you mean? I don’t agree with that. But if you don’t give people an option to choose well I’m not sure about that then it doesn’t, you’re noise, you’re joining the family of Google and becoming content, wallpaper. Bad wallpaper in fact, you know.

Dylis:   So can you give us an example Davide. I know we’ve spoken about this in the past about a particular example where you were talking to a lady and was she standing outside Arbonne or something like that?

Davide: I love this example. So yeah, it was in one of the network marketing companies Arbonne, you know, beautiful Swiss products.

Dylis: Yes.

Davide: And so as I said, this is a friend of mine that I’d gone to school with and now she’s doing this business and I said, well tell me how do you sell? How do you build rapport. Because rapport is the most important part in the attraction game.

And she said oh you know… I said, so try to sell me your favourite product, pick your favourite product. It happened to be a face cream for women but I said that’s fine I’m going to pretend. She said, oh well this product is vegan and it’s you know responsible for the environment.

And I said okay well, I eat hamburgers so…you didn’t even find out if I cared about that. And it was really interesting that she wasn’t even able to get passionate about this product and I said to her, look the reality is when we went to high school I knew that she used Oil of Olay products. I don’t know why I knew that but I just knew that because my mom used to, so it’s kind of like a running joke. So why did you switch? What was it, because she actually loves the products, she really does. She’s not just trying to sell anything she loves it. You need to light up about what you love and just speak naturally about it.

You know I’m a legacy ambassador for the company Lulu Lemon yoga clothing and whatever. I don’t get anything from them, nothing.  I got a photo shoot when I was an ambassador and that was it pretty much.  I don’t get commissions, I don’t get anything.

But especially for men, because men have this thing about yoga clothing like, oh no you know and I said you just need to try it out and their marketing is, there is none basically it’s all through people and I tell everybody about it and I have converted more people into Lulu Lemon lovers and I’m not getting paid, it’s because I just love it.

So I myself before I started to do what I do, had a block about selling anything and then I started to look at my life and I’m like well I think I’ve sold all my life I just don’t call it that. I attract people, I inspire people, I intrigue them. And when they’re intrigued they’re like tell me more about that you know. Just before our call I was talking about my partner and how he said to me, it’s like there’s something I’ve been going through, a coaching program and he’s seen me offer it to other people, not even offer it just say talk about it with interest and then kind of enrolling them.  And he said why aren’t you offering that to me?  And so it’s just you become magnetic and when you become magnetic…

Dylis: That’s the word, yeah.

Davide:   Absolutely.  And when are magnetic you become unstoppable and unforgettable.

Davide: Yes.

Davide: And that’s what I’m interested in.

Dylis: So just tell us about your lady from Arbonne. What was it she loved about that, that you recognised, her then lighting up about her product.

Davide:   Well what’s so funny is actually, it was a very difficult conversation because she almost felt like I was attacking her.  I said look, she had kids too.  I said what do you love about your teenage boys and she couldn’t even get excited about it. And I said look I’m going to give you homework. we cannot talk about Arbonne anymore until you go to your homework.

And I said you need to go find out what you’re passionate about why you love life, what you know and get excited about it. I hadn’t heard from her in three weeks and the other day this past week I just got a bunch of sample sent to me and she actually said Davide since our conversation my business has blown up.  And I I just got goosebumps by saying that right. Because I didn’t actually coach her necessarily I just invited her into realising when you get passionate that’s when you become magnetic and we all know a magnet can repel or attract.

Dylis: Yes.

Davide: And before she was repellent.  Nobody cares that the face cream was vegan, I’m not going to eat it. So I actually have a call with her later today. I assume what happened is that she just started getting real and authentic but not like what digital marketers are telling you to be authentic.  That she loves the product and that’s it, she really enjoys it and when she wears that people tell her she looks younger and she feel sexy and it feels like under skin. Nobody cares that it’s vegan, nobody cares that it’s made in Switzerland, no one.

Dylis: I’ve got a great example of this actually Davide. When I I became a financial adviser in 1986, my word, that’s a long time ago.  It didn’t take me two minutes to realize nobody wanted a life insurance policy, critical illness, a pension, income protection. What they wanted was a financial safety net of security so that if their income stopped for whatever reason they could still pay their mortgage, the kids could still go on the school trip, they could still have that Nike trainers and the Levi jeans  you know.

And that was what people wanted and honestly I was like an evangelist. I was like an evangelist out there getting this safety net in place for individuals, for businesses, to make sure that they could manage because it’s bad enough if faced with an illness, a critical illness or there’s a death you know and there’s no money on top of that.

Dylis: And what is so beautiful is that you, I’m tingling all over because what you realised you discovered on your own what I just recently started, like the wording, I’ve started to figure out the actual wording of this is true enrolment. Because you are no longer selling anything.

Dylis: Yes

Davide: You are now enrolling them in their vision and their vision is if I get sick or something happens I want my family to be taken care of.

Dylis: Exactly right.

Davide: That’s real. I want to be able to retire without having to worry. That’s a vision. A life insurance policy is not a vision.

Dylis: Exactly.

Davide: For our life. The result of it is the vision but we try to sell things widgets and widgets and whatever when in fact all you need to do is connect it to their vision and when you connect something to somebody’s vision it doesn’t matter how much it costs, it doesn’t matter what the barriers are and whenever someone brings up the barriers you remove the barriers and you go back to vision.

And that’s what I tell speakers all the time you have to go back to vision. Keep them in their vision. What is the vision of their life that they want that connects to your message and they will become followers for life.

Dylis: Yes that’s absolutely it. So that’s been really a great explanation of speak to sell because a lot of people don’t like the sell word and I love enrolment, I love attraction.

Davide: That is, so if I try to sell too soon, so I call it’s so hilarious I love this. This is why we’re such great friends. I call it, you know you’re asking for marriage before the first date which by the way is what happened in my situation it happened to work out. But that’s a one in a billion shot. However, I was very clear I had a vision but this is the problem with it, you can experience some success if you’re very persuasive but nobody likes to be sold to.

Dylis: Yeah.

Davide: The thing is that’s my vision, my product is not my vision and when I force my vision on to people it’s hit or miss. It’s not a consistently successful strategy it’s just not. When you’re magnetic that is consistent.

Dylis:   Yeah absolutely.

Davide: Continue to attract.

Dylis: Yes and I talk about taking someone with you on that journey where they themselves without you product pushing, where you’re taking them from a position of interest to position where they want to enrol with you, they want to buy your product.

Davide: Right, and so sometimes when people think, because sometimes this is the question that comes up often but I have to enrol them sometimes people don’t know what their vision is, no problem then you tell them, you share with them what your vision for them is and then they start to think, it’s like oh. you think that’s really possible?

Oh wow, okay. That’s okay too because you’re not being out of integrity if you truly believe it and that’s where you can take them along with you. Look I believe this for you,. I want this for you.

Dylis: We can even ask those enrolling questions at the beginning of your talk and really sort of light their fire can’t you.

Davide: Right, yeah. You can get people to think about their vision basically is it to let them understand what they want or maybe have forgotten what they’ve wanted.

Dylis: Yes

Davide: That’s always a great way to do it.
Dylis: Yes brilliant. So my next question is why is this so important? Why should people consider speaking as part of their marketing strategy, as part of their marketing mix?

Davide: One, I like to joke and say you’ve been speaking your whole life and you’re good at it.

Dylis: Yes.

David: And when you get intentional about it that’s when you really change everything. The fact of the matter is this, you, me, we are the most compelling marketing tool, funnel advice for your system in your entire business and it’s free.

You are the magnet, your products will change, your programs will change, your services will change. You will evolve but if you can as a speaker take your stand and everything through which you deliver to the world goes through your lens, I call it your lens as a speaker through your speaking empire, your enterprise.

People know what you’re about then you remain, you are the funnel, right.  I’m so tired of all these digital funnels out there where you know, it’s like lots of people at the top and have to funnel them down. I want to turn the funnel upside down and as speakers that’s what we do.

This is the funnel it starts here from our heart and it goes out and there’s only abundance and openness available. We’re attracting people in not because we want to try to get them down to one, it’s the other way around, the funnel goes out that we want as a speaker to project out. My vision for you is that you reach millions and billions.

I actually had someone, it’s the first time it’s happened in my business, someone said to me, so I said what’s your vision for your business and it was a husband and wife team. We want to impact billions and I was like oh, that is audacious.  And that’s what it should be as opposed to like well if I can get to the billions and then I can get just a few that I want to work with. No, you can impact billions when you turn the funnel upside down and realize as a speaker just like what do you call those things, megaphones?

Dylis: Megaphone, yeah.

Davide: It goes out right. Project your message out that is the funnel. Stop trying to weed people out. You want enrolment, you want to be magnetic for as many people as possible, not from a place of black but from a place of, I believe so strongly in my vision and in my vision for you and them out there that this stuff is too good not to share.

Dylis: Absolutely. And that’s what resonates with me in terms of your internal belief in what you’re talking about. I talked about being an evangelist when I was selling financial services. I’m an evangelist now with my sales and marketing helping people to attract, convert and retain ideal clients but because they are giving the many the opportunity to benefit.

And you have to be passionate and fully believe in what you’re doing and in the benefits that people can gain from enrolling with you and using your product or service or whatever. Because if you don’t people won’t.

Davide: And I think most importantly you hit the nail on the head there too is that it has to be about them out there

Dylis: Absolutely.

Davide:  Not even just your own client because imagine whatever it is that you can do for your client. Imagine what’s that going to do for their family, their friends. That ripple effect, it’s about them because when you think bigger, look the only reason why people don’t buy or don’t invest is their vision isn’t big enough.

That’s it, if they say money is a problem, time is a problem you know the Big Three; money, time relationship. There’s something about that that always stops because of the big three things right. Your vision isn’t big enough if you’re letting money get in the way. Now I’m not saying, I’m talking with integrity right.

Dylis: Yes of course.

Davide:   We’re not tell a thousand, ten thousand dollars for one hundred.  Because there’s a lot of that going on out there but if you do it with integrity then, if the vision is big enough there are no barriers. So when there are barriers you just need to have people think bigger. Who says that, Apple? Think big, think bigger, is that their slogan, one of them right?

Dylis: I’m not sure.

Davide:   And that’s what it’s about if you get them to think bigger about them out there and the impact that they can have in their immediate circle and beyond I mean sign me up for whatever that is.

Dylis: And so you incorporate that within what your clients craft if you like and in terms of the talk.

Davide: Yeah, it’s everything, it has to be.

Dylis: Yes. And I’m going to flip this the other way because one of the things that gives me the passion and the commitment to be getting my message out is that because I see business owners, I see sales people who struggle to bring in enough clients on a consistent basis and so they struggle with cash flow, they get frustrated, they feel quite ill, they’re working far too many hours, they’re stressed, all of those awful things and this takes me right back to when I was sixteen and my father went bankrupt.

Now he was expert in what he did but he wasn’t expert in bringing clients in on a regular basis. And eventually the bank foreclosed and he went bankrupt and we had the official receivers in. It was beyond hideous and I didn’t appreciate the stress he was under at the time and as I got older of course, then I did. But it sent him over the edge and so, he was always a little bit aggressive anyway but this really sent him over the edge and we ended up, we lost the house, he lost his business, everything and we ended up going into what we call a council house here in the U.K. where you pay rent to the Council.  And he ended up in my grandfather’s garden shed for a week and in a caravan for three years.

Eventually they got back together but he actually died in his sleep at 52. It was so horrendous and if I can save one person from going through that……I have to be on a mission and think big!
Davide: Yeah. Oh absolutely because when you make it so big everybody can resonate with what you just shared because it’s still connects to the big vision.

I don’t want that for my life, I don’t want that for my family, I don’t want to hurt the people that I love and that’s big, that’s big you know. And those personal stories and those experiences show humanity.

Now there is an epidemic of really bad storytelling going on and a lot of these speaker coaches out there who are encouraging people to tell stories
Davide: But they’re the wrong story.  So, if you’re telling a story just to get people emotional it’s completely out of integrity. But when you’re telling a story that drives your every day and it’s connected to your product or service and I mean to say that like ten times right, connected to the product and service
Davide: Not abstractly connected that it really makes sense. It’s like I believe you know, you believe that a business owner should have consistent income.  And it comes down to the way that they market themselves and talk about themselves that’s it’s a key.

Dylis:  Yeah

Davide: Right and you’re so you’re an expert at that and the reason is because you witnessed what happens when they don’t.

Dylis: Exactly

Davide: So it makes complete sense. Now if you’re trying to sell me like face products

Dylis: Yes some Arbonne.

Davide: So that’s why you have to have the right story.

Dylis: That’s right.

Davide: However, we see that happening right now in the marketplace out there is people telling their sad story of their childhood and then say, oh I sell Arbonne or whatever. I sell you a beach body and it doesn’t, it just doesn’t add up.

Dylis: Yes

Davide: There needs to be a through line and integrity in the messaging all the way through.

Davide: You’d be a star client Dylis. You hit it on the head with your story there you know like it’s the perfect example really.

Dylis: Yeah.

Davide: You came fully in alignment but you’re also and, this is probably why we get along so well too, is you are so in alignment with what you believe you’ve identified, what matters to you in your life and you’ve made it your mission, your vision, your passion, your obsession in your life that all of your work has revolved around that. Because you were in the financial industry before too so you were like this is no more, not on my watch.

So you see I look at you and I saw your vision was so big based on just your dad that you were like this is not going to happen again.  It will not, I’m taking a stand for it for those people out there.

Dylis: Yes.

Davide:  And that’s why you have success.

Dylis: Well thank you. But I’m sharing that because I know that this is one of the elements. I know we’ve spoken about that.  And so just based on what you said I thought that was a good example to highlight that for the listeners or the viewers of this.

Because I see it so often, I could say to you so what are the key elements? And you could say oh it’s just………But really it doesn’t give a good enough example just giving that whatever the element is and you are brilliant at being able to expand that and really have people understand what it is.

Davide: You just identified the first two parts and the first two parts for me is before anybody writes anything of their talk and I also help people design experiences, retreats and whatever. It’s the same thing. We get excited and we’re like, oh I’m going to talk about this and I’m going to tell this story and this is the offer and I’m like oh no no no.  We’ve jumped too far ahead, too fast. Marriage on the first date, what is yours, peeing too soon?

Dylis: Peeing too soon, that’s product dumping, yes.

Davide: And you do this as well we just have a slightly different way that we attack it. So is my first part of my system is called discovery. And in discovery we talk about the why and the who. And why is about the desired results, getting so clear. Why is what you so beautifully just showed us with your story. You are so clear in that why that it really has become the blueprint of your life and the blueprint for all the work that you do. So we get clear working on that because not everybody is as clear on what that actually is and we bring that into alignment. Then it’s who, who are you and who are they out there.

A lot of times what I see entrepreneurs and speakers doing, it’s like I call it like they violate the audience because you’re trying to teach us something but you haven’t even asked if I already know that.

Now I’m not saying ask a question when you’re speaking necessarily because you have to be very careful what questions you ask, when you’re speaking. But what I’m saying is do the work know who you are talking to, what they know, what they don’t know, what they need, what they don’t need, and of course, what’s their vision? What’s your vision for them that they can enrol themselves in, right.

Because otherwise we’re just wasting our time. So the why and the who are super, super important to understand that and get that really in alignment before you put pen to paper or fingers on the keyboard to start devising your content you’re crafting the talk itself.   Then we can jump into the what and here’s the best part because people like, oh I finally can tell you about stories I want to tell. No you can’t.

The next step with the what is it you need to figure out what is the measure that you’re going to know that they’ve actually gotten anything out of your talk or out of your product or service.

So where do you have to take them, how do you have to move the needle if you will. So you have to figure out, because when you know what that is, what they actually need, then you can start to pick your content and craft your stories and you’re going to start to see it’s like oh that story actually doesn’t work here or that I don’t need to teach them that, I don’t need to share that with them.  I’m going to connect ideas so that they get exactly what they need to move.

And oftentimes speakers think I had one speaker that I worked with she’s a personal stylist. Amazing at what she does and she said to me, oh Davide my talk didn’t work out so well you know nobody bought.  And I said well but hang on a second, tell me what else happened? And she said well you know I got 40% of the room signed up to be on my list and get a free call with me.  I said okay,

They’re not, I mean it’s five thousand dollars services, five thousand dollars You cannot consistently expect or ever that from an audience and the first time they’re seeing you speak for them to enrol themselves in your product for five thousand dollars. They don’t trust you yet.  Getting 40% of the room to get on the phone with you is staggering.

Dylis: Absolutely.

Davide:  I mean so that is successful. Now, so the next thing so the what, if we were to reverse engineer this now, so her next step is, I realise that maybe I need to come up with smaller packages that they can step themselves into, that are a little bit less like marriage. Let’s have a drink first you know and maybe so for her that service looks like a two hundred fifty dollar Skype consultation where she will do this or whatever or a free consultation that leads to a $250 consultation that leads to let me do your closet make over, you know what I mean in the business section model but actually makes sense.

And then the final part of it is to discover and to craft the how and the how is how do you present it. The stories, the content that is the last part but always thinking to yourself what do they need to know, what do they already know, who are they, who am I, how do they connect together and why am I speaking in the first place?

Why am I selling this thing in the first place? And look, here’s my thing that I’m going to give you so that you can possibly reject me so that you can accept me. I imagine that there’s going to be some people who hear this interview and are probably selling the wrong thing.  So I invite you to step into the right business then and it’s never too late I don’t care how young or old or how deep into your business you are make the adjustment now if you realise like I actually don’t fully believe in this.  Because that repels people and it will keep repelling people and you will be limited on the amount of success you are going to have in your life.

Dylis: Exactly. Oh I so resonate with that and I remembered working with a group of sales people and we were talking about this belief and I said it is so important that you fully embrace and believe in your product or service.

This was a product that these group of people were selling. And I said let me give you an example. It could be that I am the best cigarette sales person ever, ever. (Particularly when I was a smoker. I do hasten to add I’m a non-smoker now and have been for 12 years. I’m one of those you know.  Holier than thou.) So I said I could be the best cigarette sales person ever.  But then let’s say that my company, my cigarette company introduce cigarettes with marijuana in and I absolutely do not believe in it.  Now I was top of the league, I was the top earner in the company all of a sudden I’m falling down the league table because I do not fully believe in what I’m selling. Now that’s an extreme in a way but it just gives an insight in how your belief system can impact on your actions.

Davide: Absolutely. If you are not in alignment I don’t know if you have the Ikea commercial.

Dylis: Oh yes.

Davide: In the U.K. where they start the car commercials?

Dylis: Yes.

Davide: Right. If you are not in alignment start the car and run. And I have a very similar situation that happened just this week and I connect with a friend of mine that I haven’t seen for twenty years and she is about to sign a deal with a major television company, a global multi seven figure deal it’ll be and, but there’s a catch.  And the catch is that this is a network that is targeted to the cannabis market.

And not even just the cannabis market like a very specific section of that population. And she said I have a real strong aversion to signing this deal now.  And I said look, I mean that’s probably not good. If you don’t believe in, this is your television show, if you don’t believe in your network nothing good is going to come of this because you’re always going to have that holding you back it’s very similar to your cigarette marijuana example. You don’t buy in fully people smell that a mile away.

Dylis: A mile off. Yes, yeah.

Davide: It’s the emotional compass that we we’re talking about right before

Dylis: Yes.

Davide: Like they get it, they feel it.

Dylis: That’s right. And so this, the belief in the why is just so so important just in your everyday work but particularly speaking, because you can see when people really mean it or they’re faking it.

Davide: And getting specific. Look believing in your why isn’t about like one of the speakers that I work with is the why is “I want to free the oppressed because I’ve been oppressed.”

Dylis: Right.

Davide: Well now you sound omnipotent. That’s not that’s not a real why, it has to be specific. Your example is specific.  There’s an emotional connection to it, there’s humanity in it, you took a stand for it for other people and you may not have realised that.

I actually don’t know that part of your story like that it was actual like us an idea that you came up with. Because of this I’m going to do this. But now as you look back, who said I connect the dots for, I think it’s Steve Jobs who said we can’t connect the dots forward, we can only connect the dots when we look back.

Dylis: Yeah it absolutely right in fact.

Davide: You know but what’s so beautiful is when you find out like oh wow I’m so in alignment with my whole life and my story, right that it just makes sense. And that’s beautiful but like I said if you look back at the dots of your life and realise I’m not totally in alignment that’s okay. Get yourself in alignment because as soon as you do you and I know, we’re experiencing this right now. It’s like winning the lottery every day. Winning the life lottery every day.

Dylis: And you’ve got this attraction going on where people are coming to you…

Davide: Even over the Internet, right? We’re both experiencing this. Like why are these opportunities happening? They just do, you know.

Dylis: It’s just amazing! It’s just great. Okay. And all of that, of course engages the audience doesn’t it?

Davide: Yeah absolutely

Dylis: People in the audience are connected to you so you are creating that magnetism just in the content of what you have to say.

Davide: So here’s the thing. A lot of people, speakers, entrepreneurs, we believe that we have to do, to have, to be.  , I have to craft my talk and write my talk in a certain way so that I can have big audiences and have sales so that I can be successful, and be free and want and be a leader and be a visionary. No. The difference is you have to be first, you have to be connected with your audience. You have to be in alignment with your message.

You have to be, people don’t take action they don’t even hear what’s coming out of your mouth. They take action and are moved by and move into action for themselves based on who you are being on the stage. And it could be in a personal conversation on a Skype, on a stage in front of ten thousand people like I said, it doesn’t matter. Who you’re being makes a difference and that’s how you engage an audience. You have to be there for them and not only for them, for all of their families, and all of the people that are connected because when you show up with a big vision, look at you Elon Musk. The man is certifiable, his vision is so big with Tesla and electric cars everywhere, it’s so big that people are like, I mean he’s raised billions of dollars for the projects and so he’s just being it.

And I can tell you this for sure and this is not second hand because I, we own a Tesla and we, my husband is a tech geek so he’s like we must go to the Fremont factory to pick up our car. And he called me the day before when the car was ready and he’s like were booking a flight to go and I was like okay. When you walk into the factory where they make cars, where you think it’s going to be like this dingy place, you feel the vision that Elon has for the world. And you get on this tour and they show you how they’re going… You are so, it’s like Disney World going to the factory right.

Dylis: Yeah

Davide: And when you show up and be the vision and you be a stand for other people it’s the automatic magnetism, automatic engagement.

Dylis: And you know there’s two things you’ve said there Davide, it’s making a stand. But the other thing you said when you went to the factory it blew your mind.

Davide: Oh, yeah.

Dylis: So they have created a client experience and you are now relaying that experience because it impacted on you in such a way and this is a real message for people is you know you have to make that experience memorable

Davide: Right.

Dylis: And wow! And you can do that by having this greater vision for people.

Davide: Absolutely. And you know, just to fill out that answer a little bit more too about how to keep an audience engaged right is we talked about, the diagnostics. Find out what they want, do the research. Find out what people want and give it to them. Don’t give them what you think they need because nobody likes that, nobody likes you teaching and shaking your finger at them. If you get this you will have this.

Find out why they want it that’s the vision piece right. If you say, be repetitive. You have to say the same thing in many different ways.

A lot of times speakers put so much content in because I want them to, no, no.  Beyonce is successful because she has five words in every song and she repeats them over and over and over and over again.  And that’s just, that really is the magic. We are very hard headed and dense we don’t hear things right. We need that repetition and reinforcement, say the same thing in multiple different ways. Show it, be it, share the story whatever that is. Show it in many different ways, be it so that people will take action on it and realise, I do need this.

Dylis: Yeah. So how would you suggest then because I have seen many times where people have done a great talk but then it gets really uncomfortable because it moves into this next phase of selling.  What’s your take on that?

Davide:  Right. So it’s an invitation, there’s nothing to sell so we just invite you know the next step is to give people an opportunity to be invited into their vision.  That you can support them, we don’t need to help anybody they’re not helpless. Support them in achieving their vision. And if you make that invitation that you know hey and the invitation can be a product. This is the product that is going to support you in your vision to get this in your life, and for your families and whatever it is that’s how you create the stampede so to speak, that we’ve all witnessed at some events, right. Some people are so good at it because you don’t even know, you don’t even care how much it costs, it’s not about that. It’s about, oh my goodness, I really need that.  And some people don’t make the invitation they turn it into a sales pitch and they put false barriers in place and oh there’s only six available. Well that’s completely out of integrity.  If you said I can talk to six people for an hour today right now, that’s real. Because you know time. I only brought fifty special gifts for the first fifty people to sign up and that gift connects to their vision, be very careful I don’t want some, I don’t want junk you know.

Dylis: Yeah, yeah.

Davide:   Then that is a real limiter that causes people to go into action, right. If you want to talk about the actual the sales techniques right.  The invitation is all it needs. When you are invited, I learned this and when I was a high school teacher for ten years. So I was a music teacher and a performing arts teacher. The problem is we never had enough males in the program.

Dylis: Okay.

Davide: So this was at the age of Glee, Glee had just come out on television and I thought this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to create that and we called it Glee! exclamation point because my teaching partner at the time she said maybe we should call it Musical Theatre Troupe or whatever and I’m like we’re going to call it Glee! exclamation point just like the T.V. show because they’re going to understand it and boys want that.

Right well we weren’t attracting anybody and we thought what this is very interesting, we had posters of the marketing and announcements daily. And then we tried something very different.

Her and I would stand, we had an area a locker bay where we could see all the students in the school hanging out before school and we would hang out and we would look and say hah, that’s a good looking kid they’re dynamic, there on the wrestling team, people like them.  And we went to talk to them and we invited them to Glee!.  I always laugh, it actually had two exclamation points because there’s just so simple. And what we started to find is we had conversion rate of 100%. These boys needed permission through an invitation personally into this thing, this vision that was bigger than them that they didn’t know how to because it wasn’t cool to sing and dance.

Our carrot which worked out very well was this and it wasn’t out of integrity it actually was a logistical thing for us that we took a stand for it.

Boys don’t join the musical because maybe there’s only one of them, they feel awkward or like they’ll get bullied or whatever it is. So we said this, you’re going to join this group, Glee!!  And for every boy there will be a girl.  Which means you are going to be partnered up for the entire year. Now that was an irresistible offer, right. And we’re going to teach you how to dance, we’re going to teach you how to sing. We go out and do field trips and experiences and you’re going to have a great time.

Dylis: And it’s all about them.

Davide: It was all about them because we knew what they wanted and you know the funny tag story we realised the wrestling team, we had a very strong wrestling team, they would tell their boys if you want to meet girls join the wrestling team that was their whole marketing thing.
We went to one of the wrestling tournaments and checked it out the only girls there were like they were in the audience kind of watching and boy did it smell bad let me tell you. So we flipped it on its head and we said, if you want to , I mean that’s just, that’s like funnel right you’re trying to funnel girls.  We’re going to give you the girls, they’re going to be in the group, you’re going to be paired up with them right.

We found out what they wanted, what they needed, we taught them how to dance, how to sing, how to be confident, and how to be leaders.  It was 100% enrolment every single time.

Dylis: Fantastic, fantastic.

Davide: So do that in your businesses.

Dylis: So the what, the who, the why, the belief.

Davide: Yeah.

Dylis: Relevant.  And be focused on your audience.

Davide: Absolutely, yeah. And it always comes back to the why, the vision. What is the vision? And realize it takes time to build rapport. You know peeing too soon.

Dylis: Exactly and go for a drink before you get married.

Davide: Yes please.

Dylis: So you know rather than here’s my wonderful product. It’s got this feature and this this, this, and this. Going for a drink it could just be a call or it could be a free offer of some sort.

Davide: Yeah something simple. And stop talking about yourself.

Dylis: Yeah.

Davide: I’m a bestselling whatever, like you know, you’re giving yourself platitudes. Nobody cares because we all know that you could get a best-selling status by selling three books at 3 a.m. on Amazon you know what I mean.

Dylis: And everybody becomes a bestseller don’t they.

Davide: It’s just a joke. Let’s talk about reality, let’s talk about them and why you wrote the book in the first place if you want to talk about the book right.

Dylis: Yeah, yeah.

Davide: Not just to become a bestseller which is unfortunate that people do that. It can be a tool that’s useful if you do it in integrity.

Dylis: And that’s the thing again coming back to the integrity.

Davide: Yeah.

Dylis: Brilliant. Davide we’re going to have to have another call at some time and talk more about this because I just love the way you explain things and what an expert you are and the success that you’ve had has in fact reflected your experience and so on and you really are a true magnet and it’s a delight to speak to you.

So if any of the audience who are either watching or listening would like to get in touch with you how can they do that?

Davide: Get on a call with me it’s all about them. So yeah if you want to chat, so two ways check out, I have a free magnet that shows you if you want to become a better speaker, and it tells you how to get speaking opportunities. It teaches you and you just need to tell everyone how to pitch yourself and how to get focused and in that is my link which is . I love to chat with people to find out what your vision is and how if I can support you in getting there great, if I know someone who can support you in getting there I’ll make that connection. It’s such a joy to hear what people are up to in the world.

Dylis: Fantastic. So let me just make sure I got this right

Davide: Yeah.

Dylis: Brilliant, brilliant. David thank you, as always it’s a great pleasure and I look forward to speaking to you again soon.

Davide: Absolutely. Thank you for having me, I hope your audience gets a lot out of it and I can’t wait to see you again. We always have great chats.

Dylis: We do, I’ve loved every moment. Thank you so much, thank you so much bye for now.

Davide: Bye.

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