Is this you?

You are a sales team leader or sales director and have a team/s of sales people selling to other businesses.

You are highly motivated but you have to rely on the success of your sales people to achieve your company sales revenue target. Your sales people are busy but often aren’t bringing in the results you want. This makes you frustrated, disappointed and exasperated!

On top of this, you have sales people leaving and then have to spend time recruiting new people into your team.

As we know, this takes a huge amount of time and money in advertising, sifting through CV’s, interviewing, selecting and training… It can be a never ending cycle which has you working way too hard and way too many hours

Your biggest focus is to have your sales people attract more clients on a consistent basis and convert them into high paying clients who will give them repeat and referral business.

This will enable you to work on growing and developing your business.

What your sales people’s challenges tend to be;

Clients aren’t coming as quickly as they would like and this is giving them inconsistency of sales results.

They are working really hard, too hard a lot of the time and they’re not seeing the return that they would like or indeed deserve. This makes them feel stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted, resulting in them becoming negative and starting the blame game. It’s everyone and everything else’s fault!

Their poor results are because they are struggling with some or all of the following:

  • To find enough prospective clients.
  • They rely on word of mouth for new clients.
  • It is difficult to identify and access the decision maker.
  • Their prospecting is sporadic: they don’t have a strategic prospecting plan and launch from one tactic to another, getting frustrated and negative.
  • They are not sure how to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  • They struggle to get prospects to respond to their emails, letters, telephone calls.
  • When they do get a prospect on the telephone, the response the response is “I’m too busy or I’m happy with my their present supplier” or some other objection that the sales person is unable to overcome.
  • Their conversion rate of prospects to high paying client is low.
  • They often come across the “Price Issue” as an objection and don’t know how to handle it.
  • No strategy to maximise repeat and referral business from existing clients.

What you need to do right now;

Have a step by step process which is not overwhelming but has clear actions that they can implement quickly and effectively.

A process that will create the accountability to maintain the momentum required to implement their actions. This is so important in helping them overcome any “blocks” that can get in the way of progress.

A process that will have them excited and confident to go out and give more of your prospective clients the opportunity to benefit from your product or service.

A process that will enable them to know their sales targets out of the park!

There are 4 elements required for guaranteed success and they are:


Identify who their best clients are and find more of the same.

Craft irresistible messages that have their prospects saying “Yes” that’s me, I need to know more”

Create a multiple “Touch programme” to move potential clients to a position where they realise they are interested and need to have a further conversion with the sales person . i.e. a face to face appointment


Convert those who have raised their hand and said “I am interested” by using a process which will take them from a position of interest to a position where they want to buy from them – without being pushy or sales-y!

Follow an effective 3 part proven “Handling Objections” process that works 99% of the time.


Implement proven strategies that will have their clients coming back to them again and again. And will love you so much, they will refer others to you.


Learn easy processes to overcome the resistance and procrastination currently holding them back and gain lasting confidence to grow their business month after month after month.

Are you ready to take the next step and give your sales people the opportunity to get great results?

But not sure which is the best option for you?

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