Are you working really hard but not getting the results you want or deserve?  Are you finding it even more difficult in these challenging times to speak to decision makers to arrange a meeting?

Well, you’re not alone.

However, people are still buying, you just need to find an effective way to stand out from your competitors, create trust and contact the right people with the right message in the right way to get that first meeting.

Shawn Finder shares some golden nuggets on this podcast episode to help you fill your funnel both now and for the future. Here’s what you’ll discover on this episode;

  • How he “Gave back” now to ensure loyalty in the future
  • The sales skills that are needed RIGHT NOW to ensure you survive and thrive in the future
  • Which channels to use in your prospecting strategy to open more doors than ever before
  • The biggest mistake he sees with email marketing and what to do to improve your success rates

If you want to start filling your pipe-line RIGHT NOW, then this podcast is for you.

Listen Here:

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