In today’s podcast episode, I speak with Denis Champagne of Lotus Communications about what business owners and salespeople can do during the current COVID-19 outbreak to continue securing sales.

Denis specialises in coaching excellence in prospecting and selling the C-suite to deliver sustainable sales growth – even in times of crisis, so his tips and advice are extremely relevant and ever so valuable right now.

With so much fear and anxiety being felt by many business owners at the moment, the timing of this talk is particularly apt.

In the podcast, Denis and I cover a number of myths that are currently circulating among all the chaos caused by the current pandemic, namely:

  • That businesses are not buying
  • I shouldn’t be charging during this crisis
  • There’s nothing I can do, my business is going bust
  • I can’t be empathetic and sell at the same time

We debunk each myth in turn and explain why they are unfounded, even though several may seem plausible what with everything that’s going on.

There’s also a bunch of tangible actions you can take to boost your chances of securing sales and help your business navigate this testing time.

These include:

  • Creating a new strategy
  • Pivoting and delivering differently, or to a different audience
  • Prospecting ideal clients who have the money (they are out there)

We also discuss the importance of mindset and how reframing yours will make all the difference to your success right now.


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