Karen Green is a motivational speaker and author.

She has a unique perspective on how the buyer’s mind works, having been both a buyer for major UK Retailers – Boots and Tesco and also Commercial director successfully selling right back at them.

In 2006 Karen owned a gym which went bust in 2009 during the last recession.

Karen is going to talk to us about the principles of bouncing back.

What she learned and how this time round is different and how she’s found that many more exciting opportunities are available.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this interview with Karen;

  • Freeze – 5 ways to raise money without it involving you
  • Flex – Look at what you offer and how you can re-strategise
  • Fix – What can you fix that should have been done before now
  • Invest – In your marketing and support for your team and yourself.

Links to Karen’s resources;

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