with Peter Burdon, CEO of Britus Education. Former CEO of Thorntons PLC.

It can be difficult to do everything and know everything yourself, especially when you’re operating in these difficult times.

Therefore, it is critical to share your best practices and to listen to the best practices of others who are successfully riding the storm of Covid19 and know they will come out of it THRIVING.

Peter Burdon brings more than 10 years of in-depth knowledge, experience and skills in the education sector. Before that he was CEO of two retail companies in UK, an executive director of Boots the Chemist and with McKinsey before that.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this interview with Peter;



• The 4 essentials that he paid attention to immediately

1. Recognise an opportunity and out execute your competitors.
2. Innovate your offer and if it’s not right first time then adapt.
3. Reshape your business where necessary
4. Show humanity and empathy.

• How he dealt with the priorities of social distancing and collecting fees.

• The challenges of motivating and inspiring the teams.

• How to keep the channels of communication open.

• And his parting piece of advice for all leaders

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Listen  to the full interview here.

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