It’s said that how you sell is more important than what you sell. This is even more so the more complex and strategic the sale. So how do you go about winning those dream opportunities?

 Today, I’m joined by Wayne Moloney an Australian business growth specialist with a global background. Wayne has spent over 4 decades working across 3 continents helping businesses of all sizes sustainably grow their revenues and profit. He is a co-author of the brilliant new sales novel, The Wentworth Prospect.

 Here’s what Wayne and I explore in this discussion:

  1. The importance of focusing on customer outcomes, not your product or service
  2. Why disrupting your prospects business thinking is the right thing to do to truly deliver value
  3. Why a sound sales process is critical to your success; and what a good process looks like
  4. Why sales management is the weak link in a sales team
  5. The importance of identifying key stakeholders; the people in your prospect who can make or break your deal
  6. Why he chose to write a sales novel and why it’s such a powerful way to impart knowledge…and sell


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