Then why run your business without a plan?

If you were getting married next year, would you just turn up at the church or venue and have fingers crossed that there would be someone there who could marry you.

Would you casually ask anyone you came in contact with, if they fancied coming along and have no idea how many people, or who, would turn up.

What about the dresses and suits, flowers, rings, taxis, entertainment and oh yes, I forgot about the food…… and all the other things that make a perfect wedding day!
The majority of people would have this occasion planned to the last detail, to make sure that the day was perfect in every respect. They would know exactly who was coming because they would have a list of preferred guests. No hiccoughs, nothing left to chance.

Everything written down and crossed off when completed. Adjustments made if things weren’t going to plan.

So WHY?????? Do so many people leave their business to chance, with little or no planning? Nothing written down or measured and no idea what is working and what’s not. Hoping that today will be a better day.
Successfully selling your product or service is fundamental to your wellbeing, life style and the wellbeing and lifestyle of those who depend upon you. You cannot leave this to chance!
Think about the number of people who can massively benefit from your product or service. How your product or service can help them to achieve their goals/objectives or enhance their lives or prevent pain. They need to know about you!!
In my many years of experience, the most successful people are those who have a very specific goal, a multiple marketing strategy and a multiple contact strategy…..ALL WRITTEN DOWN AND MEASURED. They know their target market and write appropriate messages in their marketing material.

However, all is not lost. Today is a new day when you can sky rocket your business, but you must do something different if you want different results.

  1. Set very specific goals and break them down into bite size chunks
  2. Define your market – who do you want to do business with and where do they hang out?
  3. Define your marketing strategy, combine offline with online strategies. Here are a few ideas. More to come in future blogs
  4. Have a multiple contact strategy. Did you know only 98% of people buy from the first contact. Research shows that 80% of people buy from the 5th-12th contact.

So, choose the marketing strategies that suit you best and work out how many times you will make contact.

  • Direct mail, letters/postcards
  • Emails – send information, web links, info about your prospects competition etc. as well as emails to secure an appointment or to direct them to your website.
  • Telephone call
  • Put in place a referral strategy
  • Articles in magazines, relevant to your offering
  • Radio spot
  • Speaking engagements
  • Blogs, Vlogs(video blog)
  • Articles in directories e.g.
  • Networking events – events where your target market hang out
  • Expose yourself on social media (metaphorically speaking, of course) so that you position yourself as the “go to” expert in your field.


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