What’s Your Networking and Referral Strategy?

Here’s what Andy Lopata, Europe’s leading business networking strategist, has to say about this subject, when I interviewed him recently;

“Whether for new business generation, individual career development or simply getting the job done, networking is a vital tool for business. Yet so few people take a strategic approach to it.

The expertise, experience, ideas and connections that other people offer can make all the difference to your personal or collective success. All of the resources you need are at your disposal to achieve your best. The question is…. do you understand how? We all know the massive benefit of referral business.

Yet despite this many businesses seem to be content to leave opportunities untapped. Often a mixture of laziness, reliance on tired old cliches and a lack of focus mean that so many of us don’t achieve anywhere near the level of referrals we potentially could.

The sad truth is that most Business Owners, Company Directors and Sales People treat referrals as an afterthought. Many pay lip service to referral generation but focus tends to slip quickly and the same ineffective campaigns are resorted to time and time again.”

Andy reframes networking and referrals in a different way from just “rocking up” to a networking meeting and expecting to get leads and introductions.

Hear what he has to say and really start to implement a successful network and referral strategy to grow your business.

You can get more of Andy’s resources at www.AndyLopata.com/resources.

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