A few weeks ago I said I would share our holiday experience in Luxor, Egypt and share the lessons we learned to help you grow your business and increase your profits.

There we were in Luxor, beautiful hotel, beautiful sunshine, fabulous food but…………..

There were hardly any tourists. The hotel had 400 rooms, and there were only about 100 people booked in the week we were there.

Outside the hotel there were  tons of taxis and horse and carts ready and waiting to take people to their destinations. But because there were so few tourists they were DESPERATE for customers. I mean totally desperate, to the point of almost begging.

“Please take my taxi, please take my horse and cart, please I have a family to feed.”  This approach  totally put us off, and we stopped going outside the hotel and instead took a boat up the river from the opposite side of the hotel, so we could avoid this desperate hassling.

So what has this to do with your business? 

PipelinefunnelWell, this is exactly what can happen when  you have very few prospective clients. Because if you don’t have enough prospects in your pipeline you may become desperate for the sale.

You may know that I was a Manager of Financial Advisers many years ago. And  as a new manager I watched some Advisers struggle because they weren’t making enough income to look after and care for their family.

They weren’t putting in place solutions for enough clients to make sure that those clients were financially secure in the event of their income stopping because of death, sickness or critical illness or retirement.

They weren’t successful because they weren’t talking to enough people. So when they did have appointments they were desperate for the business. And of course their prospective clients could “Feel” this and 9 times out of 10 wouldn’t buy because they felt pressured.

As a manager, I had to teach my teams to find enough prospective clients so that their pipeline was full, at all times. So they were more relaxed when having the sales conversation. This enabled them to put the focus on what was right for the client and NOT what was in it for them as a Financial Adviser.

The tide turned extremely quickly once they learned how to find lots of their ideal clients. Their whole attitude changed when having the sales conversation. Many of them became a member of the top 10% of Financial Advisers in the Region. Prior to that, they were languishing at the bottom of the tables.

There are processes and strategies that can quickly  help you  to attract masses of prospective clients. There is a process to follow to take a prospective client from a position of interest to a position where they want to buy from you, without being pushy or desperate.

What you can do right now

  • Identify your ideal client
  • Take action and make contact with them
    • Networking events
    • Speaking Engagements
    • Referral programme
    • Use direct mail, email, telephone
    • Join “Groups” on social media and become active in those groups

These are just a few of the marketing options available to you. Choose the ones that best suit you. Make a plan and take action.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

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Success to you all.

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