The Number 1 Secret to Increasing Your Sales

My husband Keith and I have recently had a great holiday in Cape Verde. A very barren island but wonderful people and an amazing coast line.

We decided to do an open 4×4 trip around the island and we spent the day with another 4 people from the UK. What brilliant company, we laughed most of the day. Great therapy!

One of the girls on the trip was telling me about her floristry business and how much she loved it. Unfortunately she had closed her shop just before Christmas due to a lack of sales and was now working from home as a florist. She was really quite emotional about it.

I asked her about her business and she showed me some photographs which were exquisite to say the least, very different to anything I‘d ever seen. I asked her about her marketing strategy (not quite as formally as that!!) and surprise, surprise, not only didn’t she have one but all she relied on was passing footfall when he had her shop. She is relying on word of mouth, now that she is working from home.

The saddest part was when she said “I don’t like to be boastful and promote myself, it doesn’t come easy to me” “I’ve got an Ad in the local paper and I don’t feel comfortable asking for referrals.

I started to discuss the feelings and comments her clients had when she produced these beautiful displays for their special occasions. She lit up and excitedly told me how thrilled they ALL were, how her clients said:

“They had never been to a special occasion with such spectacular floral displays.”

“So fresh and innovative”

“The product was excellent value for money, especially as they could take everything home. “

“It made their occasion stand out from everyone else’s”

Guests commented on the beautiful ambiance which made the whole occasion very special.

She easily told me all of these things with a huge smile on her face when prior to this she was nearly in tears when telling me about having to close her shop.

We talked about the number of people who were missing out on the wonderful benefits from her floral displays, because she wasn’t “putting herself out there” and letting people know how she could make their event, an event to remember.  She was totally shocked and told me that she had never seen it from that angle before.

It was a revelation when I explained that she needn’t brag about herself but to talk about the “True Value” she’s bringing to her clients, exceeding their expectations.

Lesson learned:

1.    Please, don’t be the best kept secret. You must get your message out to your Ideal Clients in an effective, strategic way.

2.   Your customers are not interested in you, they are only interested in what your product or service can do for them.Don’t talk about yourself or the features of your product talk about what it “Means” to your customers. The true, deeper benefits.

I wish I had met that lovely lady before she had to close her shop. However, if she starts to market her wonderful business in the way we talked about she will be looking for premises again, very soon.


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