This week I just had to share my recent buying experience with you. This is what NOT to do, when selling.

 My husband and I decided that we needed to change our wooden framed windows and doors. So we did our    research and decided on a company, who are well known, have a good reputation and have a good quality  product. The appointment was made for their salesman to come to our house.

Job done, you might think. All the salesman had to do was turn up and take the order because we knew what we wanted and how much we wanted to pay.

        Wrong………. Here’s what happened.


The salesman turned up ONE HOUR late. He said he didn’t think it was necessary to let us know, as he had been sat in a traffic jam and knew he would get to us eventually. What!!

He couldn’t remember our name or the address even though he managed to find us.

He opened his briefcase. It was total chaos. He couldn’t find a pen, all of his paperwork was dog-eared and in no particular order. He sat down and immediately got out his presenter. He hurried through it, turning the pages quickly and rushing through his “PITCH” 

“Right let’s get measured up “he said.

At the moment, we have leaded windows and wanted to have the same in the new ones.“No” he said “They will be very expensive, so I wouldn’t advise you to have those”. How did he know what we could afford or why they were important to us? HE DIDN’T ASK !

He then proceeded to show us two sets of windows. One was “Not as good as the platinum range” the other was “The best in the market, our platinum range”

Then he scribbled down some figures, on another scrappy piece of paper and passed it to us without any kind of explanation. Now we are not stupid but we couldn’t make sense of anything he had written. Eventually, he gave us the cost of the whole job and we laughed and laughed. It was an outrageous amount of money and we knew that, having done our research.

After much discussion the figure went down to a quarter of the first price quoted. 


 We told him that we wanted to think about it but really we didn’t like him.

Even though, eventually, the price was acceptable and the windows were  excellent quality, he had lost all credibility and trust.




Make sure you don’t lose a sale because you haven’t prepared well.

SO……………………..ALWAYS …………….. 

1.   Be on time

2.   Remember your customers’ name and address

3.   Prepare your appearance and your belongings

4.   Discuss your customers’ needs by asking questions

5.   Avoid diving straight into a product pitch

6.   Avoid making the decision on which product is best

7.   Explain your prices and the true value of your product

8.   Find out the real reason behind objections


Please don’t let this happen to you. Be prepared, be professional and above all, be customer focused not product focused.



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Have a great week selling. Find a way and be the very best you can be.

Best regards






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