How to get your prospects to buy from YOUYou have a “Hot Prospect” who makes an enquiry but is also interested in talking to your competitors.

They NEED your service but what is going to make them choose you?

Most sellers will go into a long dialogue about their product or service. Most of your competitors will have a similar product or service. So what’s the difference?

Why are your prospects NOT buying from you?


Most sales people think that buyers buy on price. THEY DONT!!!!

Think about a purchase you have made recently, was it the cheapest or was it something else?

My friend has recently bought a Range Rover. It really was way out of their price range BUT she is expecting a baby and the most important thing to her and her boyfriend was the safety of their baby. They were prepared to stretch themselves financially because of what was important to them.

They certainly didn’t consider buying the cheapest car.

Many sales people work by the seat of their pants, with little or no preparation before contacting a prospect.

They turn up and rummage in their boot for the relevant paperwork. They haven’t done any research or even looked at their prospects website.

They don’t understand the market segment that their prospect is operating in, or the competitors of that prospect.

They don’t even understand their own strengths and weaknesses against their competition

They don’t prepare any questions based on the research they carried out.

They have no objective for the call


  • Sending marketing that your prospects are not interested in
  • Appointments that don’t result in a sale because you present yourself like another “Peddler” of your wares
  • Prospects feel they have wasted their time seeing you – Most won’t see you anyway!

What should you do to encourage your prospective client to buy from you?

Heres a story to illustrate the point;

A business colleague of mine was desperate to retire early and has paid a fairly hefty fee to his financial adviser for advice. His adviser is not the cheapest by a mile.

But, here’s the difference;

  1. The Financial Adviser demonstrated his understanding of my colleagues business right from the first contact. He had done his research – he had prepared!
  2. He demonstrated his competence through great testimonials and success stories (Albeit generic due to the compliance restrictions placed on Financial Services) – your prospects want to know that your product or service will work.
  3. When you show what others have achieved, you strengthen the emotional journey because buyers will imagine themselves having achieved those same things.
  4. He brought insights to my colleagues business that he didn’t expect. – He had planned his questions and was prepared to ask those sometimes uncomfortable questions to help the prospective client to “see” things from a different perspective.
  5. The Financial Adviser worked hard to be his Trusted Adviser. This client is so loyal to his Financial Adviser that he can’t do without him. He refers him to others and pays a monthly retainer for financial advice.




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