Using customer testimonials in all of your marketing materials (sales letters, brochures, website, telephone calls, direct mail, e-mails etc.), is one of the most powerful marketing tools available.

Testimonials which give specific results are even more powerful and these testimonials can be used to strengthen your value proposition.

The reason why testimonials are so important and valuable in both your marketing activities and during your face to face sales meetings, is that prospects are much more likely to believe a customer testimonial that high-light the true value they gained  (i.e. results) than they are to believe slick sales text written by the company that is advertising.

This also raises interest in the clients mind because they now have something that is much more aligned to their business and can see that you solved a similar problem for a similar customer by showing specific results.

Another reason why testimonials are such a powerful marketing and sales tools is that they are very similar to a referral. A testimonial is a person telling other people that they can trust your business and that you offer a quality product/service.

Now that you know how valuable customer testimonials are, you are probably wondering how you get testimonials from your customers.

Here are three very easy yet highly effective strategies you can use to get customer testimonials immediately.

Remember…. The most powerful testimonials include specific results.

1. If you are a new business and you have not made any sales, let several of your friends try your product or service for free. If they honestly like it, ask them if they will write a testimonial that you can use in your marketing. This is very easy to do and should instantly get you several testimonials.

2.  If you are an established business and you have made sales, call your customers and ask them what they like most about the product or service they purchased from you.

What were the tangible and intangible results?

As they tell you, make sure that you are writing down what they are saying. After they are finished praising your product/service and telling you the results they achieved, tell them, “well, that was great! Can I use what you just said as a testimonial?” Almost always the customer will give you their permission.

3. Email your customers and say that you are developing new marketing materials and you would love to include a client testimonial from them. Then ask if they would be generous enough to help you by emailing you a brief testimonial. If you have a list of at least 100 customers, you should get a good number of testimonials by doing this.

By executing the above strategies, you should easily get 10+ strong customer testimonials. Then, make sure to take advantage of these testimonials and use them in ALL of your marketing activities.

Take the best and put them into your value proposition for your face to face sales meeting. By doing this, you will instantly see an increase in response rate and sales from your marketing.

Have a great week selling. Find a way and be the very best you can be.


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