Are you getting enquiries or referrals and not converting them into sales?

sad dog faceDo you feel disappointed and despondent?

If people are making contact with you, they are obviously interested in your product or service, but at the end of the conversation they say they want to think about it, or they’ll get back to you and don’t.

So what’s going wrong?

It’s probably the same thing as a colleague of mine who sells financial services. He gets enquiries but less than 30% convert into a sale.

When I dug deeper to find out what had been happening, the cause of the problem was obvious.

As soon as he had someone make an enquiry he launched straight into the features and benefits of the product or service and then gave them the price.

The response from the potential client:

  • “I’ll think about it”
  • “Thank you but not at the moment”
  • “Thank you – I’ll get back to you”

Talking about the product or service before finding out the reasons “Why” someone has made contact with you will undoubtedly put you into a price war.

You create a situation where you become a commodity! 

Your prospective clients will in most cases have looked at your website and found the details of the features and benefits.

So when you give them the price, that is what they focus on. They are not seeing the true value of making the purchase with you.

Whenever you have someone contact you, you MUST find out what prompted them to make the call.

Simply ask, “What has changed to prompt you to call us” 

They will tell you, and in most cases they will be experiencing some kind of problem. Explore the effect the problem is having on their life, business, family……whatever is relevant.

Then and only then…….present your features and benefits and relate them to the problems and the effect of those problems.

Then move to the next logical step, whether that is to book an appointment to meet face to face or a call to action to close the sale.

After I have finished writing this article, I am going to call a lady who does reflexology.

If she tells me the price straightaway without having a conversation to find out “why” I want it, and the price is more than I had expected, I will thank her and tell her I will think about it. Then I will call the next person on my list.

Why….? Because she won’t have taken the time to create real value by meeting my specific needs with her solution.

Whenever, you receive an enquiry, find out why they called you and explore their situation before launcing into features and benfits……..and price!

“Find a way and be the best you can be”

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