direct-mail-advertisingMany business owners and sales people think direct mail is dead.

I was talking to a business owner recently about his marketing strategy (which I might add was practically non-existent). We were discussing the benefits of using direct mail in a targeted, multiple marketing strategy.

He looked at me as if I had come from Mars!

“Are you joking, I wouldn’t spend a penny on direct mail. Direct Mail is dead!” he said adamantly with his arms folded and a scowl on his face. He looked like he was chewing a wasp!

I asked him “Why”

Here’s what he said;

“No-one opens mail any more”

“People prefer to be contacted by email”

“Direct mail is too expensive and is a complete waste of money”


Here’s why……

Print can cut through the noise and grab the attention of your prospective client

People receive very little mail these days and are much more likely to open yours

A letter, flyer or postcard will hang around on a prospects desk or a counter top at home

Email alone can be deleted before it is even opened

Even if email is opened, it can get lost in the ether

Look at these interesting stats. from Royal Mail (UK)

High response rate

More than 92% of direct mail is opened and 48% of UK adults took action after receiving direct mail last year:

14.2 million bought something

10.5 million used a voucher or coupon

2.8 million tried a new product or service

3 million made an enquiry by phone.

An ‘amplifier effect’ on other media

When integrated with other advertising channels, direct mail becomes even more powerful. According to BrandScience research, the online component of campaigns pays back 62% more and the TV component pays back 37% more when there is direct mail in the mix. On average, direct mail pushes up return on investment from £2.81 to £3.40 for every £1 spent.

I am going to repeat that last line ; On average, direct mail (when used with other advertising channels) pushes up return on investment from £2.81 to £3.40 for every £1 spent.

Well, it’s a no brainer. I talk all the time about a multiple marketing strategy and if you incorporate direct mail, on average you will return £3.40 for every £1 spent.

Do it today, add direct mail to your marketing efforts!


Top tips when writing Direct Mail copy;

  • Grab the readers attention with a great headline or opening paragraph
  • Tell them why they should be interested
  • Add a success story – proof is essential in your copy
  • Describe the benefits they will receive (bullet points work brilliantly)
  • Have a strong call to action. Tell them how to order or how to contact you
  • Add an element of urgency. e.g. This offer ends on the 12th. Or, I only have 12 spaces left

Top tips when sending Direct Mail

  • Send to a targeted audience
  • Make each piece personal, especially letters and postcards
  • Request printing quotes for your printed pieces. Use a reputable printer. Here are two I use;

The Print Guy and Hunts Paper and Pixels

  • Use a coloured envelope – it will stand out and create interest
  • Test, test and test. Track your mailings and see what works and keep doing it!
  • Make direct mail a part of your marketing mix.

Good luck

Let me help you create a powerful direct mail campaign which will have customers coming to you in droves, email me at with the words Direct Mail Campaign.

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