Last week I was invited to speak at The Innovation Academy conference in Venice  No hardship, I must say……… I enjoyed every minute of my time over there.


The theme of my presentation was about working together into a changing future. If I look back over my career, change has always been constant and it will continue to be constant. The successful people are those who embrace the changes and find a way to overcome any obstacles that the changes may impose. They also work hard to find the motivation to create new habits

Today, I would like to share two of the analogies about change that I shared with the audience.

The Watch Analogy 

If you have a watch on, would you change it over to the other wrist? Yes, I want you to actually change your watch from one wrist to

the other.

OK – Now I suspect some of you may have found the whole process of trying to get the watch onto the other wrist quite difficult.

Now that it is on the other wrist some of you may find it very uncomfortable and really want to put it back onto the wrist where you normally wear your watch.



Some people find it difficult to even start implementing the change. Some, having made the change, feel so uncomfortable, that they revert back to what they were doing originally.

If I really wanted you to wear your watch on the other wrist I would have to keep checking that you had made the change and if not, get you to move that watch over to the other wrist until it became your habit. Then one day, you would get up and automatically put the watch on the opposite wrist.

The Golf Analogy 

I have a friend who plays golf regularly, every week in fact! I met him the other day and asked him how his golf was going. He replied Change for success“Rubbish, my handicap has been getting steadily worse. I have even been for lessons but it didn’t work because the coach wanted me to change my grip and I didn’t like the feel of it. I don’t even think that was the problem, so I am just trying to sort it out myself, unsuccessfully”

What he is doing is swinging the club back at the wrong angle and slicing most of his shots. He is not prepared to change to get a better result, so he goes out every week and is getting brilliant at doing it wrong and not getting the results he wants. Oh dear……….

He will only get better if he implements the changes that have been suggested to him but he is resisting and will probably give up before improving.

The moral of these stories:-

  •    Embrace change. If you resist you will become negative and fall into the “blame culture” category. Not a good place to be.
  •    Understand that it sometimes takes time to    implement the change until it becomes a habit. You just have to keep doing it!
  •    Find someone who is making the change work and ask how they are doing it.

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
The courage to change the things I can;
and the wisdom to know the difference.



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Please leave me a comment at the bottom of this page, letting me know how you have overcome change with positive results. Sharing is how we all improve. Thanks.x

Success to you all.

“Find a Way” and Be the Best You Can Be.
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