Over the last 2 articles I have discussed how easy it is to focus too heavily on the top 3% of your target market Why You Are Only Selling to Less than 5% of Your Target Market (those ready to buy) and suggested ways in which you can increase that spotlight to include that huge majority (97%!) who never seem to get approached by your sales or marketing team.

contentIn my last article Playing the Long Game with Email Marketing I recommended ways in which you can boost sales immediately with the top 30% of clients who trust your brand but are not actively looking to buy or considering purchase.

But how do you keep all of your followers loyal and nurture them so they will be ready to buy in the future? 

The landscape of the internet has certainly changed over recent years. Web content has become fundamental to the internet marketing process. The internet has become more than just a place to hike up a website – this is where you create a real online presence, and build a legion of loyal supporters who believe in your product. This is a perfect place to enhance brand awareness, boost credibility within your industry and affect new leads and conversions through many different channels.

Keep your followers loyal 

Most of all it allows you to keep in contact with an audience – a target market you know already have an interest in your products and services. They may not be ready to buy at the moment but by keeping in contact with substantial information about their topic of interest, you will catch that precious sale while your competitors are left wanting.

This gives you much more flexibility in how you approach your prospective clients. Making content in order to sell, sell, sell can give poor results and be very demotivating for you (see my article Don’t give up too soon).

Using powerful web content allows you to contact without being too salesy. In a way, you are just keeping people on board – continually promoting your expertise and offering that taster to get them involved.

The 80/20 rule 

This is the 80/20 rule. 80% of the web content is useful, interesting and benefit driven information which supports your brand. Only 20% of the content should be blatantly self-promotional. In this way you are keeping your followers on board by giving them engaging on-target info linked to your brand. That useful 20% nudge will eventually pay off when you play the long game.

So what channels can you use for Web content marketing? Here are a few ideas: 

  • Use systems on your website to capture visitor’s addresses. An example may be a free ebook download where the visitor enters their email address. Have a look at the one on my home page: www.dylisguyan.com “21 Surefire Ways to Find Your Ideal Client”. Then follow up with regular insights and valuable content. 
  • Onsite Blog articles are a great way to show your company is up to date and ahead of the industry. As well as boosting credibility, an updated website is favoured by the search engines so ranking is likely to be enhanced. Your followers can be updated every time there is a new blog or article available. 
  • Articles can be distributed over numerous social media channels on the web where you have followers such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. 
  • Newsletters are great for bringing a month’s information altogether and passed on to your loyal followers. 
  • Site membership can offer various freebies in the form of web content such as ebooks, downloads, and newsletters and followers can also get involved in a community directly related to your brand and industry.
  • Personal Email marketing (as we have seen) can show you are keeping in touch with visitors individual requirements. 

In my next article I will talk more about how to create that perfect web content which engages, creates desire and sells.

See you there!

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