Some of  what I am going to share with you today,

goes directly against what I am always banging on about;

That is you MUST stay customer focused.

Because I am going to spend a little time explaining my background……….

but stay with me because there is a reason for this!

For the past 13 years, I have been running my own Sales and Marketing Business where I have been working with International Companies, Barclays, HSBC, Post Office, Pepe Jeans, to name a few. Who struggle to attract more prospective clients, convert them into high paying clients and increase repeat and referral business.

Although I think I am only 27, the reality is that I’m not. So although I’m still travelling abroad to work with these large corporate companies, I am now bringing all of my skills and expertise to the SME market here in the UK.

So why have I shared this with you?

Because many of my SME clients think that the Big Boys (large corporates) have it all under control and understand what is required to attract ideal clients, make more sales and increase the lifetime value of their existing client base.

images (7)THIS IS A MYTH

The truth of the matter is that even some of the large corporate companies are falling into the trap of talking too much about their company, how great they are and how long they have been in business. Then go on to talk about the features and benefits of their product without even understanding the needs of the prospective client.

Here is a corporate strategy that I have used with many of my Large Corporate Clients which will make a huge difference to any business, including your business.

You must become customer focused.

It is crucial that you start to see things from your customer’s perspective, NOT yours and NOT your product/service.

  • Do your research on your customers and identify trigger events or some information that you can refer to when making contact with them.
  • Let your customers know that you understand their business and that you can make a difference to the areas that are important to them.
  • Decision makers are too busy to spend time with sales people who want to regurgitate product details, they can find this information from your website. YOU have to add value.
  • You must look at ways of how you can make a positive difference to your customers and your customer’s business.
  • They are not interested in the features and benefits of your product or service.They are only interested in “How you will either solve their problems” or “Enhance their lives”.

Have you identified your true “Value Proposition” i.e. What your product or service REALLY does.

In the past, you may have asked yourself the following questions when approaching your customers

  • How can I get their business?
  • What do I need to do to convince them we’re best?
  • How can I get the main decision maker to support my proposal?
  • What can we do to get them to buy now?

While those questions are still important to ask, in the new sales era they are not the Defining Questions.

To be successful selling your product or service in today’s business environment, here’s what you need to be constantly asking yourself:

  • How can I help my customer be more successful?
  • How can I provide value to my customer?
  • What can my company do to contribute to my customer’s success?
  • How can I work in partnership with my customers?

This is the key to success in business. Become obsessed with your customer. Fixate on your customer. Think of the customer. Think of what the customer wants, what the customer needs. What the customer will pay for, what the customer’s problems are.

Thinking and acting in this way will transform your business. You will attract more clients, make more sales and boost your bank balance.


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Success to you all.

“Find a Way” and Be the Best You Can Be.
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