It is a beautiful sunny day today as I sit in my office writing to you. I hope it is sunny wherever you are if not, put on some great music or go and see a friend/colleague who always makes you feel happy.

That is the subject of today’s topic. It’s just a short one today but an extremely valuable one. So here we go……

Mix with positive and like-minded people

“Who you surround yourself with, is who you become.”

positive-people-e1350527502707Successful people will always mix with like-minded people. They will not tolerate the “negative people” taking up any of their time.

You see; the negative people will often blame others, or the system, or something else, but they never look to themselves and think about what they could do to improve the situation.

In the process of being negative, they are delighted to “recruit” others into their negative world. YOU……

They are continually complaining and moaning and spreading their negativity like a virus.

So look around, who are you mixing with?

  • Keep away from the negative people. They will consume any positive energy that you have.
  • The negative people will make excuses and talk about all the reasons why they are failing. Don’t listen to it.
  • Mix with the people that you want to be like.
  • Find like-minded people. People who have an optimistic mind-set. People who refuse to dwell on negativity. The more time you spend with this kind of person the more upbeat you will feel.
  • Positive attitudes are contagious. Make it your mission to develop and spread as much positivity as you possibly can.

Success to you all.

“Find a Way and Be the Best You Can Be”


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