The New Year and business plans for 2016 are just around the corner and, if you haven’t already, it is time to refine those goals. The best place to start the process is by looking back over the past year in order to enhance business productivity even more this time around.

20152016It is important to assess and analyse what has been before so you can safely move forward and make changes for the better. But this is a big bugbear. So often managers and budget holders do not use the information that is at their fingertips to streamline solutions in the future.

Why do managers refrain from looking back?

No time!

The end of the year (namely December!) is a pretty hectic place to be whether you are in business or not. Xmas is just looming and to make way for the fab holidays we are all working at breakneck speed to get everything finished before we can fill ourselves with Turkey, Xmas pudding and a ridiculous amount of alcohol without too much of a guilty conscience.

But the fact is, December is a little late to be considering next year anyway. You should have systems in place which enable you to analyse growth and weaknesses throughout the past year so as the current year closes, you only need to bring those threads together.

If you find yourself stuck in a situation where you can only deal with the “Now” then there is something wrong with your systems and processes. You are not allowing yourself time to grow from past experience, to build on recent networking and relationships. You are in a pretty frustrating position where you can only carry on tracking the same ever decreasing circles.

Break out – give yourself time to view your company progress as a whole. Making goals for the future will enable you to streamline the “Now”.

Fear and vanity

After a year of hard work and ups and downs, we all want to believe that it has been worthwhile. Unfortunately, many managers and business owners protect themselves from the reality of failing systems and processes by blinkering themselves to issues that should really be dealt with.

Analysing processes where our hard work has gone marvellously wrong, or where returns have not really given us the returns we expected, can be a hard pill to swallow sometimes, but analysing those processes in detail really is the difference between vanity and sanity. Unless you have a clear idea as to where factors are falling short you will continue on the same treadmill with the same dreams – but the dreams will always remain dreams.

Too complex or abstract

Determining whether the year has been successful or not can be quite awe-inspiring – it can be a matter of taking into account so many different variables and abstract ideas. But if you prepare what factors you will take into consideration at the beginning of the year and how they will be monitored, all those elements will come together neatly at the right time.

In the next article we will be looking at those essential factors you need to put in place to make sure you put a rocket under 2016.

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