A Cold Call Opening That Will Get You the Appointment with the Big Companies.





Here’s an effective 30-second opening:

“Hello ……… I’m Susan Davis of Fleetcare. 

I’m calling because we’ve recently helped a number of transportation companies increase their average load capacity by as much as 40%. 

I know that at your company and other companies like yours, there’s pressure on margins these days. 

Could I ask you a few questions to see if we could help your company increase average load capacity too?”


Why this cold call opening is effective 


  • There’s no mention of the product at all. Susan mentions the benefit; reinforcing her credibility by saying she’s helped other companies boost their load capacity.
  • She has given specific results i.e. 40% increases in load capacity. This raises interest in the mind of the prospect.
  • She researched the prospect in advance, Susan can state with confidence that the prospect’s company’s profits are down this year and she knows that anything close to a 40% capacity increase would be a huge benefit to the company
  • She requests permission to ask a few questions, which will be focused on the prospect’s current situation, e.g. capacity benchmarks, its performance goals, what they are doing right now, outcomes and impacts.
  • Susan will be looking for problems that her product might be able to solve.


How does this compare to your cold calling technique? 




  1. Don’t launch into how long your company has been in business and how they are renowned for quality service, outstanding technical support, blah, blah, blah……… Your prospect is only interested in “what’s in it for them”
  2. Don’t talk about me, me, me.  Keep your conversation client focused. “What’s in it for them?”
  3. Don’t start listing features and benefits. They can get this from your website or brochure
  4. Don’t make the call before doing some research, the more you know about the company the more credibility you will gain. Look at websites, internet searches or if appropriate financial reports.
  5. Don’t pick up the phone before practicing what you are going to say and have some pre-prepared questions written down.


I wish you lots of success with your cold calling in the future.


Your prospective customers are going to be much better off after they have bought your product or service.

SO REMEMBER….”What’s in it for them”


Have a great week selling. Find a way and be the best you can be. 



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